Facial Hair


From goatees to handlebar moustaches and everything in between, finessing your facial hair is a work of art.

With everyone rocking a little more stubble than they had pre-iso, what better time than the present for you to buzz that fuzz into shape and get your game face on with VS for Men’s Definitive Guide To Defining That Facial Hair?

If you dare to rock facial hair then you’re in luck, buddy, because we’ve done a round up on the different options for you to delve into depending on the game face you’re showing the world. From the dapper to the daring, we’ll break down the basics of each and help you pick your perfect pairing.


To kick off, let's go back to basics... And by that, of course, we mean no facial hair at all.

The clean shaven look is a timeless classic, and something we suspect many of you haven’t seen for many a month in isolation. Versatile and simple, this one will let your jawline do the talking. Not without its own unique set of challenges – ingrown hairs, anyone? – you’re going to want to be prepared if you’re going to succeed with a clean face.

Our mates over at Mens Health have a whole host of tips to get you prepared for the cleanest of shaves sans the complications, so we’re going to chat you through the importance of the perfect tool to get that classic look you’re craving. We recommend the  VS for MEN VSMK20A The Man Kit, the ultimate go-to facial grooming system for shaving, trimming & detailing at home or on-the go. With a rechargeable trimmer to trim down any excess face fuzz and a full sized rotary shaver to achieve a clean, closed shaved look, you’ll be ready for the boardroom (or the skype call) and the bar.

 Clean shaven man


The goatee has been around for as long as we can remember, with as many iterations as there are men who have attempted it. When executed correctly, the goatee is your facial hair’s answer to the best of both worlds. Take heed however, gents, as the goatee is one high maintenance look and requires a high level of up keep to keep that look like an on point facial statement and not a clumsy trimming  disaster.

Best paired with a groomed ‘stache (see below) and square or oval face shape, you’ll want to put the hard yards in prior to trying this smooth operation. Begin by getting that beard down to a workable level. , grab that trimmer and slowly start working your beard down in 0.5mm increments until you’ve reached an even length that you’re comfortable with.

Next you’re going to want to ditch that comb guide and start slowly working in the shape of your goatee. Starting with the neck and working your way to the cheeks is the best way to ensure that you’re not jumping the gun and scrapping more hair than you initially intended.

Now we’re going to need that trimmer to get that goatee looking golden and facial hair in top shape (we recommend the VSM7840A The Beard Trim, with 39 positions (1mm to 20mm), it lets you shape your ideal length. ). Symmetry is the name of the game here, so slowly work from ear to chin on both sides using slow strokes to ensure an even outline and the cleanest of lines to keep that goatee sharp.

To finish off, cleanly shave the cheeks and neck to really emphasise that G.O.A.T-ee. Looking good, champ.

Goatee maintenance


It’s iconic, masculine and rocked by many an old time movie star… Meaning you, sir, are in excellent company here. The good old fashioned moustache is a bold yet easily pulled off way to wear your facial hair, and the best news of all is that there is a variation for all facial shapes and styling abilities.

As a general rule, however, one should be guided by their facial shape. Slender jawlines and slim features should allow their upper lip to reflect this and go for a thinner well trimmed style, whereas those rocking wider jawlines and larger features can go for the gutsier styles and fuller mo’.

We spoke with our Grooming Guru Jules Tognini (Lil Off The Top) for some of his top tips to achieving your best facial hair yet. He gave us his pro tips and tricks for trimming your moustache… Check out MO’S 101 BELOW.


PS. As we mentioned earlier, the styles of ‘stache are as varied as the men who rock them so be sure to suss them out and find your perfect match HERE.


For our chill guys out there who like to keep things a little more low maintenance in the grooming department, and like the middle ground between fresh-faced and fully bearded, stubble is the answer. It’s the universally flattering facial hair option for men, and is the easiest route to well-groomed with minimal effort.

The biggest question you’ll ask yourself here is how low will you go. By that, of course, we mean determining what level of stubble you’re wanting to rock.

We’ve got you covered with our full guide to the world of stubble styling right HERE, so get ready to read up kind sir and grab your weapon of choice for your best rough around the edges look yet.

stubble beard


You’ve put in the effort and aren’t afraid of a little hard work when it comes to your facial hair, so you’ve decided that you’re going the whole hog and giving the beard a go.

We’ve got to respect you, sir, as the full  beard style takes the most dedication and attention to keep looking its best. Remember, after all, that we’re going for pristine and not pirate.

The full beard consists of a beard, moustache and whiskers, which will grow together to cover your cheeks, chin and neck.

Stubble beard

And the best news of all, gents? If you’re not afraid of a little hard work then you’re in luck, because this facial hair style by nature covers up your facial shape so is well suited to everyone from the slighter jawed to one that’s squared off. Just remember that you’re only ever mere millimetres away from rocking to ragged, so be sure to keep that beard well shaped and trimmed as often as you’re able. 

We’ve got your full guide to picking your best beard face right HERE.  



Now that you’ve got that mug perfectly polished and ready to face the world, it’s time to make sure those final details are in check. Don’t be a rookie and forget to get those ears, brows and nose in tip top shape.

Not sure how to tackle those final problem areas? Never fear for our Grooming Guru, Jules Tognini (Lil Off The Top), is here to talk you through the process and provide those pro tips to help you take that look to the next level.  

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