Tips for Styling a Summer Beard

Summer's hot weather doesn't mean you have to shave your beard. Here VSforMen Ambassador Aiden Xydis from The Mens Grooming Room in Sydney share this advice for the best facial fuzz....

By Shonagh Walker for Maxim Magazine Australia.

● Don’t be tempted to rock a wet look anywhere other than in the shower, or in the ocean — beards aren’t meant to be wet. Steer clear of gel or any other product that will make your beard look wet. Instead, keep it in place, and prevent frizziness from humidity, by working a little soft clay through it. It is durable and will last all day, but still keep you looking natural.

● Shape your beard with a professional-style, at-home device like VSforMen’s Beard Designer. Trim the hairs on your throat to keep your neck cool and also keep you looking tidy. Then, trim a straight line from the outer tip of your moustache up to where your sideburns start. This will slim your face down and make your eyes look better. Trim away any fuzzy hairs that might be above the line, too.

● If you wear your beard longer, that’s OK, just make sure you keep it groomed — there’s a fine line between a hipster and homeless look. Keep the cheeks trimmed as above, but also use The Beard Designer’s Finishing Trimmer to trim the ends of the beard into a shape that curves with your jaw line and face shape, or simply straight across.

● Use regular cooking oil to keep the hair in your beard nourished and healthy. I use pure coconut oil in the salon and it smells great and works really well, but you can also use olive or avocado oil.

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The Beard Designer

This trimmer will change the way you shape your beard forever. It has a patented 3D cutting system, three double-sharpened titanium spinning trimming blades that cut twice as fast thanks to five million cutting actions per minute, and it’s noise and vibration-free. There’s also an advanced LED display, which shows trimming setting, a timer with battery life and charging reminder and an electronic adjustment feature, which boasts 50 precision trimming settings from 0.4mm to 12mm.

If that’s not enough, there’s a motorised, all-in-one comb guide to adjust trimming settings in 0.2mm steps, plus a Smart Memory Function so once you set your desired trimming setting, The Beard Designer memorises it – simply flick the switch to trim as you please each time. Use it wet or dry, depending on your preferences, and when not in use, store it on the charging stand, which ensures it’s always ready to use.

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