Summer's Hottest Hair Looks

Looking for style inspiration this summer? Aiden Xydis VSforMen Ambassador from The Men’s Grooming Room in Sydney reveals the coolest look for the warmer months.

By Shonagh Walker for Maxim Magazine Australia.

Without doubt, a crew cut is the hottest look for Summer 2018. I’ve had guys coming into the salon with really long hair and they’ve just asked me to shave it all off. If you’re doing it at home, the VSforMen X6 PRO Hair Clipper will give you the perfect result. You just attach the length you want, be it Number One, Two or Three, and then just work the clippers all over your head. If you do go for the all-off look, be sure to keep a really good sunblock or hat handy at all times. A bald head is sexy, but a bright red chrome dome, not so much!

Men will always have a swept back look, but this Summer, they’re going shorter. Think: Ryan Gosling. It’s so easy to style, looks great for work or play, and as you really don’t need to do much to it, it’s the second-best summer hair cut after the shave (nobody wants to do their hair when it’s hot). Using
the VSforMen X6 PRO Hair Clipper, attach either the Number Four or Number Five comb guide for your sides, and use Number Six for cutting the top of your hair. If in doubt, ask a friend to help you, or buy your hairdresser a beer and ask him to give you guidance. It does require some skill and some blending, but you can achieve it!

OK, this is a bit unkempt, grown to your cheekbones and left tousled and choppy. It’s an ‘I-Don’t-Care’ look that’s very summery. Get the look at home by using the VSforMen X6 PRO Hair Clipper on longer hair, randomly clipping long hair into thick, choppy shorter sections. Just pull it outwards from the scalp and use the clippers to cut it. You want it to be choppy and uneven, but on the whole around the same length. You want to either have been in the ocean a lot, or keep a sea salt spray handy and use it liberally, to give you the texture you need here.

If you’ve watched the Netflix series Animal Kingdom, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The guys in this show, which is based on the Aussie movie of the same name, wear their hair longer and with each season, it grows out. They spend heaps of time in the surf and it gives the hair great texture too. Longer hair needs to be kept in great health though, so you ‘ll need to trim it now and then. It’s super easy to do with VSforMen X6 PRO Hair Clipper. All you do is comb your hair and cut it at in a straight line with the clippers. If you dig long hair but don’t like the heat of it on your neck, you can also try an undercut. Tie up a section of your hair and simply use your clippers to trim the bits left hanging down. Again, if you don’t spend heaps of time in the surf, use a sea salt spray to give your hair extra thickness and texture.

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VSforMen X6 PRO Hair Clipper

This high-performance clipper delivers professional-looking results in no time, thanks to ultra-premium Japanese steel blades, more intense cutting power and 50 cutting lengths, plus a five-position adjustment taper control for blending
layers and a precise close trim. It also boasts innovative Glide Control comb guides, which pretty much make mistakes a thing of the past, as the patent pending curved design means they conform better to your head shape. There’s a fade comb guide to effectively blend lines for a perfect faded result and you can effortlessly cut around the ears from any angle with the integrated ear comb guide. Worldwide voltage, a lithium-ion battery with fast charging and sustained power performance, 75minute cordless use from a three-hour charge and 15minute quick charge, means you can use it any time, anywhere. Available at Harvey Norman, Domayne or Joyce Mayne.