How To Frame Your Face

How does my face shape affect my style?

A manly man knows the devil is in the detail, and one of the most important details to get right is to understand the hair style that will work best for your face shape. You’ve gotta be real, not perfect.


Face Shapes

A Round Face

A round face shape is usually quite wide and has fuller cheeks and a rounded chin.

The path to brilliance:

  • Go for shorter sides and a fuller front and top
  • Create a square style, rather than adding to the fullness of your face with a round cut
  • Use a comb guide on the top of the head and a shorter length comb guide on the sides, making sure that the change in length is not too dramatic
  • Add a beard or moustache for an edgier look

Avoid like the plague:

  • Strong sideburns


A Square Face

Square face shapes have a strong jaw line, a similar width between the forehead, cheeks and jaw and usually also have a square-looking hairline.

The path to brilliance:

  • Go for shorter on the sides and slightly longer on top
  • Make sure the hair is clean and well-groomed around the ears

Avoid like the plague:

  • Very short hair cuts and styles.


An Oval Face

Men who have an oval face shape can usually rock any manly hair style they want!

The path to brilliance:

  • While your face shape lends itself to almost any style, consider your features (size of your nose, lips and eyes) and work out whether you’re best to highlight any areas with your cut
  • Go for cuts that bring the hair away from the face

Avoid like the plague:

  • Dirty socks. You’re better than that!


A Long Face

Men with oblong or long face shapes would best suit a style which is longer on the sides and shorter on the top.

The path to brilliance:

  • Choose a cut that that has layers or thinning on the top of the head with slightly longer sides
  • Go for a neatly groomed beard or moustache, as it can add a shortening horizontal line to the face, helping to make the face look less oblong

Avoid like the plague:

  • Short on the sides and long on top.

Haven’t got you covered yet? All good, every man brand is important – here’s a few extras to get you the right style:


A Pear Shaped Face

Men with pear shaped faces have a wide forehead, narrow chin area and small cheekbones. These faces are usually wider at the bottom. A hair cut that is fuller at the temples and has a thinner top is best for this face shape.


A Heart Shaped Face

Men with a love heart shaped faced usually have a pointy chin and a wide forehead. Go for slightly longer hair around the top and front of the face, allowing the hair to be swept across eyebrows. A neatly trimmed beard is also well suited to this face shape.


A Diamond Shaped Face

Men with a diamond shaped face have a forehead and jawline that is narrow with wide cheekbones. The key to this face shape is finding a haircut and style that will balance the narrow chin. Go with a leaner cut - one that is narrow around the cheek area, and keep some fullness at the top of the head.


Matching Your Hair with Your Lifestyle

You were born to be real, not perfect – and we celebrate it. This means celebrating your lifestyle as much as your manly hair.

If you're a business professional or if you travel frequently, you'll want a cut that looks great in any situation. You'll need a cut that requires less maintenance and minimal styling, so you're always looking your best. A mid length or short cut can work best in this situation – just make sure it is neatly tapered around the ears and back of the neck.

If you spend a lot of time outside, or have little time to spend on yourself, you'll want a cut that is very low maintenance and requires little attention. A cut that is quite short will suit the busy man best. Simply using a hair clipper to cut and trim the hair and keeping the ears and sideburns looking neat.

If you're creative, and you have the right face shape, you can carry any type of hair cut and style, from a shaggy, freshly washed look to a short, shaved look.


The Sideburn Conversation

The sideburn debate has raged since the start of time. But what does a standout type of man like yourself do to make sure he gets the formula right?

Well, you good sir will find the answers below. Read, ponder and implement for man brand success. And don’t forget, they can also help provide a good balance to facial features.

Path to brilliance:

  • Make sure you get each side even with the other
  • Align the length with the length of your head hair to make your face look more even
  • Give them a friendly comb

Avoid like the plague:

  • Cutting sideburns higher than any point above the top of the ear
  • Don’t let them get too long or scruffy, the manly importance of grooming should never be forgotten

The Finer Deets

  • Short sideburn: this sideburn look is approx. 2-3cm in width and extends about 2-3cm from the end of the hair line, across the sides of the face.
  • Long sideburn: the long sideburn look is approx. 2-3cm in width and extends about 5cm from the end of the hair line, usually in line with the bottom of the ear.
  • L-shaped sideburn: the L-shaped sideburn look appears just like its name - it is trimmed into an L shape. The length of the L is approx. 2-3cm in width and the base of the L is also 2-3cm in width. The base of the L usually stretches about 4-5cm across the length of the face.
  • Foot-shaped sideburn: the foot-shaped sideburn also appears just like its name - it is trimmed in the shape of a lower leg and foot. The shape is not as defined as the L-shaped sideburn, it is usually trimmed less intricately and makes the face look very casual.
  • Mutton-chop sideburn: the mutton-chop sideburn look is named for its mutton-shape as it extends down to the corner of the mouth. This sideburn look can be trimmed and combined with a moustache to have be a ‘friendly mutton-chop', or it can simply be a basic mutton-chop look without the moustache.