How to Create a Fade Cut


If the buzz cut is too short to rock your world, but you want to stand out you may have sculpted your way to the fade cut. And we’re here to inform you that you’re in good company.

To achieve this look, get on board with the following styling steps:

Step 1: Begin at the temple and create a line around the perimeter of the head moving the clipper against the direction of the hair growth to the opposite temple.

Step 2: Now that the line has been created, attach the comb guide of your choice based on length of hair desired.

Step 3: Following the temple to the temple line created, cut against the hair growth in an upwards direction slightly angled forward.

Step 4: Repeat step #3 using a shorter length comb guide until your fade is seamless.

VSforMen Ambassador, Aiden Xydis from The Men’s Grooming Room in Sydney shares his top tip for clipping at-home.

TOP TIP - The VSforMen X6 Pro Hair Clipper is perfect for achieving a classic short back and sides cut and faded and tapered cuts. I’ve been using this clipper in The Men’s Grooming Room for the past few months now and love the adjustment taper control which makes blending layers a breeze. Nice!

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