How to Create a Crew Cut



Masculine and easy to maintain, the crew cut is a thing. A manly kinda thing. And make no mistake; the clipper has evolved thanks to the revolutionary blade technology used on The Crew Cut. An easy way to maintain a short or crew cut look.

To achieve this look, you need to master these steps:

Step 1: Start cutting at the back of your head and with a sweeping motion, run the clipper forward and back – focusing on one section at a time. Ensure the comb guide is in direct contact with the head. It’s normal when you complete this step to have some sections of hair that are slightly longer than others.

Step 2: To even it out, simply run over the entire head again using a circular motion, making sure you achieve a simple and even one-length cut.

Step 3: Once you have an all-over, even finish, use the trimmer to touch up around the ears, sideburns and back of the neck.

Dare to go bare? For a closer cut, go without the comb guide.


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