How to Create a Buzz Cut


A go-to style since the invention of clippers, almost any mug can pull of the buzz cut. But before you flip the on switch, consider these three factors so you get your length right:


  1. Lumps: nobody has a perfectly smooth head, but make sure yours isn’t buzz cut unfriendly.
  2. Big ears: pairing a full buzz with Dumbo-esque ears may add to the problem. Don’t got too short on the sides!
  3. Scars: any cut shorter than a #3 will show skin. Think twice about revealing any wounds that may have left a mark—or go for it.


To achieve this look, get on board with the following styling steps:

Step 1: Start at the nape of the neck holding the clipper with the teeth pointing upwards and the comb guide flat against the head.

Step 2: Slowly move the clipper upwards through the hair and towards the front in a forward sweeping motion.

Step 3: Once at the front of the head, engage the opposite blade in a backward sweeping motion to move from the front of the head back to the nape of the neck.

Step 4: Continue moving the clipper back and forth in this sweeping motion until you achieve an even cut all over.

For an even closer cut, use without the comb guide. Remove the comb guide to tidy the hair around the ears and neckline.

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