Hair Clipper Cutting Tips

Whether a buzz cut, under cut, fade cut or crew cut is your thing, we believe in giving you the hair clipping tips to take matters into your own hands.

So, the next time you go to groom your locks, think of these critical success guidelines:

  • Don’t be a dirty mongrel, clean and untangled hair works best
  • Use the right comb guide
  • If you’re updating your man brand by going from long to short, start with a longer comb grade first and work in sections, so you know which sections are yet to be cut
  • Get your grip right:
    • Hold the clipper against the hair
    • The teeth of the comb guide should be pointing upwards and flat against the head
    • Move the clipper upwards and outwards through the hair, a little at a time, against the direction of hair growth
  • For longer hair on top of your head, grab a barber comb to lift the hair and then clip over the comb, or hold the hair between your fingers and cut to the desired length.
  • Don’t forget the finishing details: the nape and sideburns are all part of your brand. Use the clipper without a comb guide and turn it over, grooming from top to bottom.

VSforMen Ambassador, Aiden Xydis from The Men’s Grooming Room in Sydney shares his top tips for clipping at-home.

What’s one thing you see that men do wrong with their hair?

I often see men let their hair grow out completely, so that the great haircut they once had becomes shaggy and un-kept. With short hair styles particularly, the aim is to maintain and manage your hair, sometimes a simple trim is all that’s needed!

How should men prep their hair prior to clipping it themselves?

Make sure your hair is clean and combed through so there are no tangles that will interfere with the motion of the clipper.

What’s the best way to hold a clipper when cutting your own hair?

Hold the clippers firmly and comfortably, and use it with the blades facing up to ensure you’re actually cutting the hair.

TOP TIP - For guys using a hair clipper home I would recommend using a longer comb guide when starting and then working down from here to get your ideal length. You can always go shorter but can’t grow it back overnight once it’s gone, so best to be safe not sorry!

Also don’t forget to oil the clippers to ensure best results!


Clipping those sides
Ever wondered how your barber nailed short sides and a longer top? It’s all about the manly pendulum move. Oh, yes. This pendulum-like swinging action helps to cut your hair using an upward vertical motion that leaves your length in tact on top.

Grooming Deets

1. Begin at the nape of your neck or the base of your ears and cut your hair using an upward vertical motion.

2. Move the clipper away from the crown as you near the top of the head. Repeat this process several times.

3. Don’t forget the manly pendulum move, if you wish to keep the hair on the top of your head longer.


Chopping the top
Now you have a Mohawk, and need to sort that out. Or not?

If you’re not so keen on the gnarly long on top, but super short-on the sides look, then you need to decide the right length for trimming the top of your head.

Grooming Deets

1. Begin by completing a reference point with the first front section of hair. It will then be easier to find when you cut the sections on the front and at the back of your head.

2. Use your little and ring fingers to rest on the top of your head while your middle and index fingers hold the hair at the desired length.

3. Work from the front to the back. When positioning your hand and lifting the next section, you will see the previous section through your hair. Cut using the reference section as a guide.


Blending the sides and top
Get the fade rocking for your man brand. It’s here that you will create continuity between the length of the hair on the top of your head and the (shorter) length of the hair on the sides.

Grooming Deets

1. Use a comb as a cutting guide and run it vertically up the side of your head, beginning at the bottom to lift the remaining sections. 

2. Using the clipper, straighten gradually. Before each cut with the clipper, repeat the step with a comb to ‘cut’ as much hair as possible.


Get a handle on your style
Don’t forget, your hair style is more than just a cut, it is a statement. Get stuck into this technique to create a unique look, with the assurance of maintaining shape.

Grooming Deets

1. Using the most comfortable hand position, take a section of hair holding it 1 to 2cm below where you will cut.

2. Using your clipping tool ‘plunge’ into the section at an angle to create a ragged effect on the ‘ends’.


Contouring around ears and the nape of your neck
The finishing details of your hair style will set you apart from your male counterparts.

Grooming Deets

1. To refine the contours of the sideburns and around the ears, you should follow the contours holding the clipper at an angle of about 45˚ from the temple.

2. Again, thanks to the manly pendulum-swinging action, run the clipper toward the top and create a layered cut, using the nape of your neck for support.


Be Real, Not Perfect

Stand out from the crowd using the five position taper control, featured on most VSforMen hair clippers.

The five position taper control helps you to:

  • Make fine cut adjustments for precision trimming
  • Adjust the cutting length between grade lengths creating a seamless blend
  • Gradually adjust the closeness of the cut

Increase and decrease cutting length at the flick of a switch

TOP TIP - Use an ear comb guide to tidy up around the ears and to tidy the edges, remove the comb guide. Hold the clippers upside-down so the front of the clipper is facing towards your head, hold it straight on your side burns or neckline and move the clippers downwards.

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