Picking Your Best Beard Face


For men who can carry the workload of a beard, you have to respect it!

It takes time to get these things right, but make sure you know where you’re planning to end up so you don’t rock the feral beard that only the likes of Khal Drogo can get away with.

Full Beard

This beard style takes the most dedication. It consists of a beard, moustache and whiskers, which will grow together to cover your cheeks, chin and neck. This beard style is therefore suitable for any face shape and can grow to a few centimetres before it becomes unwieldy.

VSforMen Ambassador, Aiden Xydis from The Men’s Grooming Room in Sydney shares his top tip for facial trimming at-home. 

There’s so many facial hair styles – moustaches, goatees, etc - how does a guy know which look would suit them best?

Face shapes play a big role. People with rounder heads should elongate their faces by having more length on chin and less on cheeks, this creates more of a distinct jawline. Men with longer faces should have a stubble style so as net to draw attention to face length. If you’re not sure what will suit you best, play around and try different styles, it will always grow back!

Semi Beard

A semi beard is similar to a full beard, grown on the chin, upper lip, cheeks and neck but with less hair growth. This type of beard may also be maintained and trimmed regularly to maintain the particular look.

3 Day Growth

To look after your 3-day-beard, let it to grow for three days then continue to trim by taking your clippers and running them through your beard against the direction of growth. This will give you even-length stubble across the whole beard area. If you have sensitive skin the 3-day-beard is made for you.

Designer Stubble

Designer Stubble also known as a 5 O’clock Shadow is a slight growth of facial hair. This can be maintained without fully shaving the face clean with VS for Men’s Stubble range.

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