Achieving Facial Hair Magnificence

Don’t just trim your facial hair, tame and craft if with confidence. We’re talking real stubble, moustaches, sharp sideburns, beards, a clean and smooth neck and everything in between. And we have the tools you need to take your beardy magnificence to the next level.

Not sure which way is up when it comes to the bearded jungle? Here’s what you need to know:

VSforMen Ambassador, Aiden Xydis from The Men’s Grooming Room in Sydney shares his top tip for facial trimming at-home.  



What’s one thing you see that men do wrong with their beards?

With beards, I often see ones that are not shaped correctly. If you are going to have a beard take care of it! Learn how to trim and groom your beard correctly. If you don’t feel confident yourself, ask your Barber.

Facial Hair Styling

Want to make a statement? Sideburns, moustaches, beards and goatees take work, but can totally add additional value to your man brand. If you can handle the challenge.


If you’re planning to sport the masculine icon of a moustache, you sir had best do so in style.

Whether you’re planning to rock the handlebar, traight-180 or your own variation in between you need to get the deets right, or it can go very wrong. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Men with smaller, slimmer facial features should have a moustache that is quite thin and well trimmed.
  • Men with larger, wider facial features can stomach a moustache with a fuller look.

Go forth and be awesome.


The age of the facial hair is here to stay and if you’re going for the minimalist approach of a goatee, then there’s a few things you need to know to protect your man brand and live a life of style.

  • Goatee and moustache: this look can combine a short, well-groomed moustache (curved at the sides) and short, well-groomed goatee (only on the chin). Perfect for men with a square and oval shaped face.
  • Extended goatee: this look is usually a combined moustache and goatee. The moustache is curved at the sides, short and well groomed, whilst the goatee is also short and well groomed, but stretches across the full length of the face. Perfect for men with a round and oval shaped face.
  • Chin strip goatee: the chin strip goatee is usually a look suitable for all types of face shapes, except for long faces. The chin strip is quite a thin section of hair in the middle of the chin – it often makes the chin area look quite long, so be sure you have the correct face shape to carry this type of look.
  • Chin strip and moustache: this look combines the moustache and goatee, however the moustache is shaped much like a handlebar (with flicked ends) and the goatee is a quite a thin section in the middle of the chin.
  • Soul patch: the soul patch goatee is quite similar to the chin strip goatee, a thin section of facial hair, however it is trimmed halfway down the chin – it does not stretch the full way across the lip and chin.
  • Chin curtain: a chin curtain look combines the sideburns of the face and goatee. The sideburns usually stretch down the full sides of the face and meet the chin with the goatee. This look is usually a thin strip across both sides of the face and chin – making it look much like a frame on the face.

Beardy Maintenance Issues

For best results and maintenance of your beard, moustache and/or goatee make sure you follow these guidelines for success:

  • Make sure the hair is slightly damp, never wet. If the hair is slightly damp, it will prevent you from removing more facial hair than is desired. It also allows you to see exactly what you are trimming.
  • Some groomers and trimmers feature interchangeable length control attachment combs, allowing you to maintain your look at various cutting lengths. Remember to always use the longest setting first until you become familiar with the adjustments – you can always take more hair off later.
  • Before trimming back comb your facial hair against the grain, this helps to ensure that you are removing all of the hair correctly, and lifting any odd hairs.

How can men maintain a healthy, clean beard?

Just like the hair on your head - eat right, wash it, dry it, apply some beard oil (I personally like plain old coconut oil or a fragrance free nut based oil) and use the right tools to keep it in order!

Top TIP - Prior to any kind of beard trimming and shaving, Aiden always recommends using a wet towel to moisten the skin and open the pores to avoid irritation. If you’re trimming your beard he’d suggest back combing the hair first, this will enable the trimmer to catch the hair more precisely and give you a more even finish.

Trimming those other important bits (Eyebrows, Nose and Ears)

No one likes a beastly man. Only a manly man will do. To achieve this rugged balance you must pay attention to the rules of the game:

  • Eyebrows can be a man trap! They need to appear well kept, but not too neat. To get the balance right first comb the eyebrow in the direction of the hair growth and attach the precision trimmer attachment. Begin trimming from the center of the eyebrow and work outwards using smooth even strokes. Never attempt to trim against the growth of the hair, because the hair will be cut too short.
  • Let’s not cause ourselves any harm by getting too stabby when looking to trim unwanted nose and ear hair. The key is to gently insert the rotary trimmer head into the nose and ear cavity and move the product in a circular motion to trim the hair. It’s quick, pain free and will have you crafted with confidence.

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