Men's Beard, Nose, Stubble & Ear Trimmers

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  • $299.95

    The revolutionary facial trimmer with 3D cutting system for ultimate beard perfection.

    Respect the growth with your best trim yet.

  • $149.95

    Engineered for ultimate Power, Precision & Performance, the Super Beard XTP precision beard & stubble trimmer easily crafts & tames facial hair.

  • $89.95

    The i-Stubble Pro boasts 15 motorised settings, an LCD display and floating head design. Own your short beard or stubble look today!

  • $89.95

    A state-of-the-art beard & stubble trimming tool that combines the precision of Japanese steel & the power of lithium-ion for best-in-class results.

  • $79.95

    Precision engineered for best in class performance, the X3 PRO easily crafts all types of beard & stubble. 

  • $59.95

    The multi-purpose grooming system for shaving, trimming & detailing.

  • $59.95

    The precision beard & stubble trimmer for perfect facial grooming.

  • $49.95

    The 2-in-1 precision beard & stubble trimmer for perfect facial grooming.

  • $49.95

    The lithium powered beard & stubble trimmer.



Facial trimming done right

Get noticed and remembered for all the right reasons. Shape your facial hair with the right weapons for the best look.

We have a range of men’s beard trimmers, nose, stubble & ear trimmers to keep your facial hair in check and looking fresh.

High-quality professional-grade facial trimmers

Investment in your confidence is easy. Our range of high-quality professional grade trimmers can shape your beard, stubble, moustache, nose, ear and goatee hair.

For the ultimate beard perfection, our Beard Designer is going to be your best pal. It comes with a revolutionary facial trimmer that has a 3D cutting system, giving you the high-quality performance for comfort and precision you need to trim your beard.

Our Crafted Trim is the perfect trimmer that works for you. Being 100% waterproof, you can use this tool in the shower to groom your beard, stubble and moustache. Shape it to how you like it and see how it cuts 25% faster than other traditional stainless steel blades in our range.

For the tool that does it all, our 2-in-1 Beard Trim is the perfect facial groomer for the simple man. It gives a precise trim for the beard and stubble. It will soon be a regular tool for your daily or weekly facial routine.

Discover our other facial trimmers that are perfect for your beard, stubble, nose & ears below because modern men need to be armed with VS for Men.