Mid year mens hair trends

Mens mid year hair trends


From man buns to buzz cuts, men’s hairstyles differ more than you would ever think. Year to year, trends have changed and 2019 is no different.

At VS for Men, we want to provide you with the tools to ensure you are your best self.

We asked lad’s grooming expert, Jules Tognini, to shares his vision for the 2019 mid year top hair trends for men. He has broken it down into two easy to follow categories, short and long, and recommended the key VS for Men tool needed to achieve the outlined look.


Short Hair Styles Trends

If short hair is more your style, these trends will let you rock a closer cut look ready for the boardroom or the weekend. These styles are no fuss and are low maintenance. Perfect for the man who wants it all but still wants to look good.

The Short: A Buzz Cut With A Fade

If you’re in need of a low maintenance, no fuss cut this year, this is definitely the style. This is a variation on the buzz cut, slightly longer on the top, with a fade on the sides. Jules recommends the VSforMen X6 Pro to maintain your fade and buzz cut. This is a great style to consider for the man who is short on time.

The Buzz Cute with fade mens hairstyle


The Messy Crop: Tight Square Sides with A Tousled Top

Be a little more adventurous! Style your hair with tight square sides and a longer tousled top. This look is short enough to maintain easily, but you still have the freedom to switch up textures. Watch the below video to see Jules show how to maintain this look with the VSforMen X6 Pro.

The Messy crop mens hair style trend


The Long Hair Trends

Messy mane more your style? These trends will allow you to keep longer locks without looking an ungroomed caveman. The key is using the right tools to maintain your locks at home. Find below hairstyle ideas and a list of our VS For Men tools that Jules has recommended.

The Mob. The Man Bob.

When you can’t decide between short and long, why not have both! While you let your hair naturally do its thing, give a little more love to your beard. VSforMen X3 Pro is the ideal tool just for that. Sport the inspiration from our fellow lad above Charlie Hunnam. For the maintenance of your locks, getting regular trims will keep it at length you want without it getting too long.

The Man Bob hairstyle


Let It Flow With A Man Mane.

An easy maintenance look is quickly attained by simply growing out your hair and wearing it proudly like a mane. Make sure you choose a mane style that suits your face shape!

If you ever get sick of the look, chop it all off yourself easily with the VS for Men The Crew Cut. The choice is yours, you can chop down to an undercut, fade cut, buzz cut or even a crew cut.

mens long hairstyle


Own Your Fresh Cut This Year With VS For Men

Long or short, these hair trends are here and ready to be shown off. Own 2019 with a fresh look!

We have a range of tools that you can use to not only maintain your healthy mane but also your facial grooming needs. Tools that range from maintaining your head, face and body that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

See where you can purchase your own VS For Men grooming tool at your nearest stockists.