Manscaping Isn’t A Dirty Word


The Best Grooming Tips

Manscaping doesn’t have to mean shaving until you are bald as the day you were born. Just like having a haircut and trimming your beard, it’s about maintaining the hair on the areas that are on show or under clothes. Whether you're more caveman or aerodynamic cyclist, it needs to suit your style.

Using the right tools will allow you to stay well-groomed with an easy and pain-free routine – no plucking, tearing and ripping.

We have teamed up with lad’s styling expert Jules Tognini to help guide you in how to take control of your manly fur, rather than letting it control you! He will share the best grooming tips for your chest, stomach, back, shoulders, arms, armpits and leg areas.


How to Shave Your Chest & Stomach

The difference between styled man and caveman could come down to those chest hairs poking out the top of your shirt. There is nothing wrong with having some manly growth on your chest, but keeping it well-groomed can make you more appealing in the eyes of others.

Also while your shaving your chest and your torso area, it’s a great idea to target your belly hair (stomach area).

To keep this hair in line, grab a tool like The All-Rounder and follow these simple tips:

  1. Make sure your skin and hair is dry.
  2. Set your trimmer to your desired length.
  3. Chest hair has different growth patterns to your beard, so always work against the grain to pick up more hair and in a circular motion if needed. Use the foil attachment to separate the hair between the neck and chest hair, this ensures a closer shave and more longevity between shaves.
  4. Trim your stomach hair at the same length as your chest hair, again working against the grain, stopping at your waist.
  5. Repeat once per week.   




How Do I Get Rid Of Hair On My Back & Shoulders?

This area is a different story, as most lads (and their loved ones) would prefer no hair in these areas. We’ve never met a single woman that has implied back and shoulder hair is sexy.

This is your choice, but if you enjoy the company of others, grab your trusty trimmer again, and get to work.

  1. Always make sure, your skin and hair are dry.
  2. Grab a loved one or shaving mirror to help shave your back. If your back hair is quite long you’ll need to trim it down before shaving it away.
  3. Use the trimmer attachments on the All Rounder. On a 1 setting, trim the hair on your back and shoulders, making it easier to foil shave. The foil attachment helps you achieve a close shave.
  4. Repeat once per week to be all man, not a caveman!




How Do I Get A Close Shave Under My Arms?

For those looking to be as aerodynamic as possible without the Robin William levels of hair, read on. With armpit hair, you don’t want it sticking out of your short sleeve shirts or let it be a breeding ground for odour-causing bacteria.

A grooming tool that can be set on a high setting to trim without cutting too close is ideal. This means that you can shave in sensitive areas like your armpits without it get spikey and itchy under there. The same principle goes for your arm and leg hair.

This is how you trim your underarms to tame them:

  1. Make sure your skin and hair is dry
  2. Use the trimmer attachments on the All Rounder on a 1 setting to trim the hair, making it easier to foil shave
  3. Use the foil attachment to achieve a close finish on your underarms
  4. Repeat once per week to stay aerodynamic

You can use the same tips to trim your arm and shave your legs.



Manscape With The Right Tools At Home - not the wrong ones

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