How to Trim & Maintain your Beard at home.

If you are in the beard growing business, you need to make sure that you maintain your facial growth, and not let it take over our face. “I’ve never met a guy who said ‘Can you round me out a bit, I’m feeling a bit to chiselled today, doesn’t happen!” says Jules Tognini, VSforMen Lads Styling Expert.

Trimming your beard should be part of your grooming routine, and doing this every 2-3 days will make sure you keep it looking slick and well defined. Jules provided the below words of wisdom on how you can keep that beard in-line, enhancing your look.

1. Shape it in – taper your beard from the neck up into the jawline. This will increase the length through the jaw, making you look more like Superman than a koala.

2. Work up against the grain – set the X3 PRO to a 4 and work up against the grain, fading from your neck up into your beard.

3. Fade off the neck - now drop it to a 2, adding more fade off the neck, providing a more finished look.

4. Back comb you beard – this will make all the longer hairs more visible.

5. Trim away those strays - Now pop off the comb guide on your X3 PRO and work free-hand on a zero to trim down those unruly hairs.

6. Repeat every 2-3 days – follow these steps every 2-3 days to keep that facial fuzz in-line!

Check out the full video tutorial by Jules using the X3 PRO below.

With these easy to follow tips you will be a well-defined gent ready to take on the next challenge. Grab your X3 PRO and take charge today!