Home Haircuts 101

Home Haircuts 101


Maintaining Hair Between Barber Visits

For a lot of us, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of home haircuts is the dreaded bowl cut inflicted by Mum’s in our school days.

Not going to happen now champ, with the right tools from us aka VSforMen and techniques from our lad styling expert Jules Tognini, you can keep your hair looking slick and stylish in-between barber visits – no bowl required!

Jules is going to give us the tips and tricks that are easy to follow! He’ll show you how to maintain your fade, your crew cut look and how to square up your hairline. To become an expert at home, follow these steps!

Key Rules For Home Haircuts

With all things, mastering a skill takes practice. So as mentioned before having the right tools and techniques is essential in nailing a home haircut. Sure enough, if you do end up messing up a bit that’s why you have the professionals to help you out!

First things first, follow these key rules before you get started:

  1. Don’t be a dirty mongrel, clean and untangled hair works best

  2. Use the right comb guide

  3. If you’re updating your man brand by going from long to short, start with a longer comb grade first and work in sections, so you know which sections are yet to be cut

  4. Get your grip right:

  5. Hold the clipper against the hair

  6. The teeth of the comb guide should be pointing upwards and flat against the head

  7. Move the clipper upwards and outwards through the hair, a little at a time, against the direction of hair growth

  8. For longer hair on top of your head, grab a barber comb to lift the hair and then clip over the comb, or hold the hair between your fingers and cut to the desired length.

  9. Don’t forget the finishing details: the nape and sideburns are all part of your brand. Use the clipper without a comb guide and turn it over, grooming from top to bottom.

Now, to go over some key basics that will allow you to do home touch-ups.


How To Touch Up Your Fade Haircut

Crew Cut Look

Fade haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles for men and for good reason. They make you look sharp and stylish.

To stop you looking like a koala, it’s important you create separation between your hair, sideburns and neck. A fade adds structure and can place focus on your hairstyle and beard.

How to maintain your fade at home:

  1.  Begin at the temple and create a line around the perimeter of the head moving the clipper against the direction of the hair growth to the opposite temple
  2. Now that the line has been created, attach the comb guide of your choice based on length of hair desired
  3. Following the temple to the temple line created, cut against the hair growth in an upwards direction slightly angled forward
  4. Repeat step #3 using a shorter length comb guide until your fade is seamless


Maintaining A Crew Cut Look

Hairline cutting tips

For a crew cut, the top of the head is cut relatively short. The longest hair forms a short pompadour at the front and the shortest is at the back of the crown. This ensures when people see you on the side on, the outline of the hair approaches the horizontal. Everything needs to be in proportion with this look!

The GI crew cut is in fashion, and with the VSforMen The Crew Cut, you can maintain this look at home.

Grab your trimmer and learn how to maintain your crew cut with these steps:

  1.  Start cutting at the back of your head and with a sweeping motion, run the clipper forward and back – focusing on one section at a time.
  2. Ensure the comb guide is in direct contact with the head. It’s normal when you complete this step to have some sections of hair that are slightly longer than others.
  3. To even it out, simply run over the entire head again using a circular motion, making sure you achieve a simple and even one-length cut.
  4. Once you have an all-over, even finish, use the trimmer to touch up around the ears, sideburns and back of the neck.
  5. Dare to go bare? For a closer cut, go without the comb guide.


Squaring Up Your Hairline

Squaring up your hairline

You want to finish as strong as you start, so squaring up your hairline is essential. It will also add volume to thinning hair, winning! This will ensure everything looks clean and polished. If done incorrectly, this can really make your haircut look uneven.

How to maintain your hairline at home:

  1. Grab your X6 PRO, set it to a 0 setting.
  2. Use your palm as a safety blanket to ensure your clippers don’t cut into the hairline.
  3. Cut away the stray hairs sitting on your forehead below the hairline.
  4. Cut in an upward motion for a close finish.
  5. Do this every week or as needed to keep you looking sharp.


Maintain Your Hair At Home With VS Men

It’s that simple to look sharp in between your visits to the barber. Don’t let your style slide, take control of your look!

We also have other products in our VS Men range including grooming products for the head, face and body. If you’re a man that likes to have everything in one place, our all-in-one grooming toolkits are for you. Check where you can purchase your own at your nearest stockists so you can maintain your asset in the comfort of your own home!

Maintain your hair at home with VSforMen