Total Protection Curling Wand

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Get gorgeous curls and natural waves in seconds with this brilliant professional styler. You'll love how easy it is to use – and how fabulous you look and feel when you're done.


Say goodbye to pesky kinks in your curls!

The Total Protection Curling Wand is your key to beautifully styled hair. The secret? It's our Wrap Control Technology combined with CeramicTEC heating – the wand gently holds your hair while applying salon-grade heat to ensure gorgeous curls, every time.

You can choose from variable heat settings from 140°C to 200°C, depending on your hair type and how tight you want your curls.

  • Guarantees softer, shinier, healthier hair
  • Higher heat for faster curls
  • Comfy control with cool touch tip
Backed by 3 Years Warranty.

Watch @DomesticDivinity Trial the Salon Professional Curling Wand

Watch @DomesticDivinity Trial the Salon Professional Curling Wand

Watch @StephMac trial the NEW Salon Professional Conical Curler

Watch @StephMac trial the NEW Salon Professional Conical Curler


Wrap a section of hair tightly round the barrel and leave to curl for a few seconds.  For best results point the barrel downwards. For a more beachy, casual look, run your fingers through the waves to break them up.



For a modern look don't wind the barrel up to the root. Leave a couple of inches straight at the root. Mix and match the size of the wrapped sections to create a natural effect. Once the hair has cooled, separate curls using fingers for a softer look or brush out using a comb.


Expert tips

The type of curl achieved depends not just on the size the barrel but also on the section of hair that you wind around the barrel of the curling tong. For looser, free-flowing curls, use bigger sections.  For more defined, tighter curls, use smaller sections. Spray the hair with hairspray for extra protection and hold prior to curling.


Where to buy

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Barrel / Plate size: 
Large & Small conical barrels
Temperature range: 
Up to 200°C
Heat up time: 
60 seconds
Hot brush or hot rush attachment: 
2 x conical barrels
Hairstyles Suitable For: 
Ideal for mid to long hair to create beautiful, bouncy cascading curls.
Hair types suitable for: 
Suitable for all hair types by using low settings for delicate hair and higher settings for hard to curl and thick hair.
Ceramic Technology
High density ceramic for perfect glide and even heat transfer properties for guaranteed shine and protection
Multi Style with Interchangeable Barrels
A large detachable conical barrel for voluminous natural curls, or the slimline barrel for defined curls
Wrap Control
Gently holds the hair around the wand as you style
Ceramic Heater
A truly professional ceramic heater that delivers superior fast & constant heat. This will ensure salon professional results