Fashion Curl

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Create fabulous curls in seconds with one of the simplest but most effective styling tools you'll ever use. Hair goes in, curl comes out ... too easy. 


Get your hands on this value-for-money styler that produces billion dollar curls. 
The Fashion Curl is from the same family as Australia's number #1 selling styler, Curl Secret. This incredible tool has two heat settings. Once you've chosen the right heat for your hair, all you need to worry about is sliding your hair in, pulling a curl out. It really is that simple.
  • Fast, fabulous curls in seconds
  • Choose from two on-trend Pantone colours
  • Incredibly easy to use
Backed by 2 Years Warranty.
Style Tips!

Before You Begin:

• Ensure the section of hair is clean, dry and perfectly combed through.

• Clip the upper layers to the top of your head to work first with the layers underneath.

1. Separate a section of hair no bigger than 3 cm. Ensure the section is combed through.

2. Your styler must be positioned into the hair with the cylinder facing towards the head.

3. The hair section must be straight and placed neatly through the centre of your styler, between the handles.

4. Once the hair is in place, close the handles to allow the hair to be automatically taken into the chamber.

Note: If you continue to hold the hair section after closing the handles then your styler will stop and beep to indicate that you must release the tension on the hair.

If you have taken too much hair (a section of hair bigger than 3 cm) or the hair is not neatly going through the centre of your styler, your styler will again stop and beep to indicate a problem. This safety feature ensures that there will be no tangles.

5. Continue to hold the handles closed until the end of the individual beeps (12 sec.). This styler will sound 4 fast beeps to indicate the curl is ready. Then you are good to release the styler handle.

6. Release your styler from the hair by opening the handles fully. Do not pull your styler away from the hair; it will straighten the curl out.

7. Allow your hair to cool before handling or combing.

8. Repeat around the head until you have the amount of curls desired.

Where to buy

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Temperature range: 
185°C and 205°C
Hairstyles Suitable For: 
Curls, curls, curls!
Hair types suitable for: 
Most hair types
Auto-Curl Technology
This automatic curling system gently draws in the hair for a fast and easy way to create the perfect show-stopping curls.
Heated Ceramic Curl Chamber
This allows your hair to be heated from all directions giving you fantastic curl results. 12 sec timer setting will give you the longest lasting and most defined curls.
Ceramic Coating on the Barrel
To ensure your hair is softer and shinier with every curl. It is also specially designed to protect your hair.
Temperature Control
2 heat settings to adjust the heat to suit your hair type. Ideal for long or medium length hair.