Techniques for using Curling Tongs on your hair

Curling Tongs

Curling tongs are available with various barrel sizes to cater for every hair curl size you could wish to make. To create tighter more defined curls use a small barrel tong and for larger curls or waves choose a large barrel curling tong. For more detailed information on these and other techniques with curling tongs watch the How To video below for your hair length.

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How To Use Curling Tongs

  1. Section your hair using hair clips into 4 quarters (2 back and 2 front sections making the parting the top of the front sections).
  2. Starting with 1 of the back sections, subdivide it into square sections (for looser, free-flowing curls roll more hair. For tighter, bouncier curls, roll less hair).
  3. Take the section of hair and place the curling tong into the hair; then spread hair evenly between the clamp and the barrel. To avoid crimped ends, make sure they are securely wound underneath the clamp in the direction of the desired curl.
  4. Wind the hair up as far as you want it to be curled, being very careful not to let the appliance touch the scalp.
  5. Hold in place for 8-12 seconds.
  6. To remove the curling tong, release the clamp, unwind the hair then reform the curl with your finger.
  7. To ‘set’ the curl, do not comb or brush hair until it cools.
  8. Keep repeating steps until all the hair you want to curl is done.
  9. To finish separate the curls with your fingers to the degree that you want. Or if you are looking for volumous waves, brush out with a paddle or cushion brush.

Curling Tong Tips 

  • Don’t be afraid to do some experimenting when using a hot tong for the first time, or when changing to a different hair style. They can be a very versatile hairstyling tool simply by changing section size. Or only curling alternating sections of hair, or parts of your hair style, like at the top for a neater more defined curl whilst leaving the back scrunch or diffuser dried.
  • For extra hold use a liquid setting lotion in your wet hair before you dry it or an aerosol hair spray on the dry hair section before you curl it.

Barrel Size

The VS ranges include several different barrel sizes of curling tongs and some models with multiple barrel attachments to allow you the freedom to create different curls for different hair lengths.


To make loose curls choose:

The Curl Secret , large barrel attachment of the Total Protection Curling Wand , Big Hair Soft Curls or the 38mm Ceramic Curler

You can even use a large barrel tong to give your shorter hair a little lift and volume through the top section by taking large sections of hair and curling it just to get a ‘c’ shape. The added crispness of the tonged shape will help to support your hair when brushed out. This works on alternate sections too if you don't want too much curl.

To make loose, beachy waves we have:

the Curl Secret or the Total Protection Curling Wand.


To make tighter defined curls and ringlets try:

The 19mm Ceramic Curler and the 19mm Ceramic Instant Heat Tong.

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