How to get the best out of Heated Rollers for your hair

Using Heated Rollers

Heated or hot rollers are a fantastic way to style medium to longer lengths of hair. You can create both lift and volume and loose curl effects like modern sexy curls and stylised volumous curls and waves.

The curl results you want can be easily varied depending on your hair length, the heat of the roller, how long you leave the rollers in the hair to cool, and the section size you use.

Rollers with variable heat settings can be used on hair types from fine and delicate to thick and hard to style hair.

How To use Heated Rollers:

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Using Heated Rollers

  • Plug in, turn on and set to required heat. It is important to preheat your hot rollers as this will directly affect the curl result you get.
  • Your hair should be clean and dry, or slightly damp and combed through.
  • Section your hair using clips into manageable sections the same width of the rollers being used. Then subdivide these into the sections of hair to go around each roller.
  • Select the desired roller size that suits the hairstyle you wish to create.
  • Take one section of hair at a time and place the ends of the hair on the roller and wind up towards the scalp, ensuring the ends of your hair section are around the roller.
  • Roll your hair up firmly and securely by using the metal clips or plastic super clips (these vary between models and your only concern where you have a choice is comfort). When using metal clips, ensure that the clip is not placed over the roller slit.
  • For tight, firm curls use smaller rollers and higher temperature and leave in the hair for at least 10 minutes before removing.
  • For soft, wavy curls, use larger rollers and lower temperature and remove rollers after a shorter period of time.
  • For lift and height, ‘over direct’ the section you are placing the roller into by pulling it forwards and securing it directly on the base of the section.
  • To remove the roller from the hair, hold roller in one hand while removing the clips with the other. Gently drop the roller out of the hair section - do not pull, and let the curl bounce back after the roller is completely removed. Let hair cool for one minute for a firmly set curl, and then style your hair as desired.

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