Curl Secret (VSP2667A)
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Curl Secret



The curl revolution is here! Featuring revolutionary new patented technology, this breathtakingly innovative styler is unbelievably simple and quick to use, creating beautiful results in no time.

Hair goes in, curl comes out. It's that simple.

Curl Secret How-to's and Videos


AU$ 129.95


Revolutionise the way you curl with this innovative new styler featuring:

  • Patented auto-curl technology.

  • Automatic Curling System, the fast and easy way to create the perfect curl

  • Ceramic Tourmaline Curl Chamber, produces long lasting results with added shine. 
  • New Brushless Motor Technology with Anti-tangle sensor.

  • Double heating system locks in the curl faster. 

  • 3 Curl Style Timer Settings for looser to more defined curls

  • 2 Heat Settings to adjust the heat to suit your hair type

2 year warranty

Barcode: 993-8841-00380-7

Reviews - The new Curl Secret from VS Sassoon is an exciting new release which is different to anything I have tried before. - Making waves around the world, the VS Sassoon Curling Wand is the curling tong with a difference. The Curling Wand brings you revolutionary hair styling technology that makes getting ready more simple than ever before. - This breathtakingly innovative one of a kind-styler is about to turn the hair styling world on its head by changing the way people curl their hair completely.


You can achieve many different curl styles using the Curl Secret. Experiment with the different curl style timer settings to discover the different types of curls you can create.


Soft and loose curls

You can create a really soft, big and loose curl look using the Curl Secret. Simply set the timer setting to 8 seconds and wait for the quick beeps to prompt you to release your hair. Results also depend on your hair type, so don’t be afraid to experiment with using the lower heat setting to create this softer look. Another tip to create soft curls using the Curl Secret is to hold the hair inside the heated curl chamber for only a few seconds and release the hair before you hear the quick beeps. Using a low heat and the shortest timer setting is the easiest way to create soft curls using the Curl Secret. 


Medium curls and bounce

If you like your curls to be little bit more bouncy or you find that you usually need to hold your hair a bit longer to create the perfect curl, select the 10 second curl style time setting on the Curl Secret. Place your hair across the guide and wait for the quick beeps before releasing.  Using the 10 second setting on the Curl Secret creates bouncy, shiny curls effortlessly.  


Long lasting, defined curls

Curl Secret’s Heated Ceramic Curl Chamber allows your hair to be heated from all directions giving you fantastic curl results. The 12 seconds timer setting on the Curl Secret will give you the longest lasting and most defined curls. This setting is also ideal if your hair is heavier and tends to ‘drop’ and you are looking to achieve long lasting salon style results. 



You do not need to curl all of your hair to create different look using the Curl Secret. Instead, place the Curl Secret as far up the hair section as you want your curl to start. For a bottom heavy, modern look, don't start your curl way up to the top of the hair section. Instead, leave at least 7cm from the root to the start of the curl by placing the Curl Secret 7cm down from the root to create this look.



How you finish your look can make a huge difference to the style. Brushed out Hollywood waves is a very on trend retro glam look that is easy to achieve using the Curl Secret. To create these waves, use the longest timer setting and allow your hair cool completely. Once cooled, brush through your hair using a soft bristle brush. Finish with a bit of hair spray and glide your hand over your hair for an ultra-polished look whilst defining your waves by pushing your hands into the hair. 


Shorter styles

Curls aren't just for very long styles. Curling shorter hair is fast and easy and a great way to add volume and create lift. For the best results using the Curl Secret, we recommend that your hair strands are at least 15cm long. 


Expert Tips

Apply a heat protecting or thermal spray or smooth styling product to your clean hair before you style it as this will help you achieve a better finish. 

Style your hair in sections to get the best result. Ensure your hair is completely dry and comb it through to prevent knots and tangles. 

Only once the hair has cooled, separate waves with your fingers for a softer look or brush out using a comb. 

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Instruction book

In a nutshell


  • Section hair before styling for easier styling.
  • Begin by carefully combing through hair to smooth it then take a 1/2inch to 1inch section
  • Hair section must be straight and placed neatly through the centre of the hair guide.
  • Always leave curl to cool before brushing out or separating
  • Use hairspray before and after curling for extra lasting power
VS Sassoon Curl Secret

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