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Looking for a hair clipper that gives you total control in the power of your hands? Or a hair clipper to cut the kids hair? What about a hair clipping kit with all the grooming essentials? Want to easily and effortlessly create a crew cut, buzz cut, undercut or fade cut? Or a women's clipper cut? Whatever look you're after, our range of hair clippers will keep your hair in tip top shape.

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  • $139.95 AUD

    Achieve faster hair clippering results with 100% hair cut in one stroke. Ultra powerful cutting for professional results and a high quality even finish; even on longer hair lengths.

    $139.95 AUD
  • $132.95 AUD

    Achieve smooth, effortless hair cutting on any length or type with precision Ceramic blades.

    $132.95 AUD
  • $119.00 AUD

    The supreme self-cut hair clipper to maintain a short or crew cut look.
    The Crew Cut is the tool for you to craft your perfect short cut.

    $119.00 AUD
  • $99.95 AUD

    Precision engineered for best in class performance, the X6 PRO is VSforMen's most high performance clipper to date.

    $99.95 AUD
  • $89.95 AUD

    The dual blade self-cut hair clipper for a faded or short even cut.
    The V Double is the tool for you to craft your sharpest look.

    Do it yourself. Cut with confidence. Find out more at www.vdouble.com.au

    $89.95 AUD
  • $79.95 AUD

    The multi-purpose grooming tool for clipping, shaping & detailing.

    $79.95 AUD
  • $74.95 AUD

    The professional grade hair clipper for intensive cutting performance.

    $74.95 AUD
  • $69.95 AUD

    The lithium powered hair clipper for professional, at-home hair cutting.

    $69.95 AUD
  • $54.95 AUD

    The 31pc multi-purpose turbo-power clipper & personal grooming kit.

    $54.95 AUD