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FAQ for VS Goddess


How is the Goddess™ Conditioning Steam Straightener by VS Sassoon different from other straighteners?

This is the only steam straightener with nano silver tourmaline ceramic technology that also features conditioning ionic steam and adjustable detangling combs. Our steam feature has off/low/high settings. A generator built into the product helps eliminate frizz by producing millions of ions.

Is there a travel size?

Yes, the miniPRO™ Collection takes your favourite styling essentials and turns them into compact, travel size styling tools on the go. The miniPRO™ Goddess has conditioning steam resulting in longer lasting, ultra straight results with reduced frizz and enhanced shine. 200°C high heat and ceramic technology™ provides even heat distribution for a silky, smooth finish. It comes with dual voltage and storage pouch making it perfect for worldwide use.

What are the plates made of?

The aluminum plates are coated with Nano Silver and Tourmaline Ceramic. This helps to eliminate frizz and protect hair from damage as well as adding shine.

How do I clean the plates?

Ensure the straightener is turned off, unplugged and cool then simply wipe plates with a damp cloth after each use to remove any product.

Will the Goddess™ work on all types of hair?

Yes. It’s designed for the most delicate, thin hair to the coarsest, hard-to-straighten hair. (Instructions for use on each type of hair are in the package)

What temperature does the Goddess™ reach?

There are 5 ultra-high heat settings from 170°C to 230°C.

How quick does the Goddess™ heat up?

It takes only 30 seconds.

Is the water compartment only for water?

Yes. We recommend that you only use distilled water.

Does the Goddess™ help hair not to frizz in humid temperatures?

Yes. The advanced Nano Silver and Tourmaline Ceramic technology combined with the steam lets you achieve longer lasting salon-straight looks, every time you style in every weather condition.

Is it safe to use the Goddess™ everyday?

Yes. First the Goddess™ infuses hair with conditioning ionic steam, and then locks in all that healthy moisture with the heated plates. The results are sensational, silky, shinier, softer pin-straight styles that last.

How does the detangling comb work?

The retractable detangling combs separate tangles and tame even the most unruly frizz. The three different comb heights, high, low and off, make this the perfect straightener for any hair type, even thick and coarse texture. You can set the comb height that best fits your hair type.

Will the Goddess™ turn off automatically?

The Goddess™ features a safety cut off system that turns off after 60 minutes. Press the on button to reset the straightener.

Do you have a warranty?

We have a 3 Year Warranty. We will repair or replace (at our option) your unit free of charge for 36 months from the date of purchase if the appliance is defective in workmanship or materials. Refer to the Instruction booklet for instructions.

What should I do if the Goddess™ won’t turn on?

Check the on/off button to ensure product is turned on. Also, make sure that the water reservoir is full. To activate steam, the steam slide on the side of the handle should be switched on to either low or high setting.

Can you use the Goddess™ on wet hair?

No. The Goddess™ is designed to be used on dry hair only.

How long does the steam last?

The steam can be switched to the off position but when set to the high setting, steam will last for 15 minutes.


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