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The answers to many frequently asked questions about Curl Secre are right here!
  • Can the Curl Secret be used on shorter hair lengths?
    Yes, the Curl Secret can be used on shorter styles. However, for best results hair should be longer than chin length.
  • What is the longest hair length that you can use the Curl Secret on?
    This depends on the type, thickness and length of hair and the size of each hair section should be adjusted accordingly e.g. thicker, long and more coarse hair use small sections. When working with longer hair, start with smaller sections and adjust as required. If the section is too big then the hair will not be drawn in and the styler will give fast beeps to indicate this.
  • When using, smoke or mist can be seen coming off the styler, is this normal?
    Any smoke, steam or vapour-like mist is due to residual hair product or oils in the hair. What you are seeing is this evaporating from the heat of the styler and is nothing to be concerned about.
  • Can the Curl Secret be used with hair extensions?
    We recommend to check with your hairdresser to ensure that there are no issues using heated appliances on your extensions, even if they are made of 100% natural hair. If your extensions are made of 100% human hair, the Curl Secret is generally fine to use and you just need to make sure you do not style to close to the bonds. As with any heat styling appliance, Curl Secret should NEVER be used on synthetic hair extensions. Check with your hairdresser if unsure.
  • Is it O.K to use product on the hair before using the Curl Secret?
    Yes. Using a suitable thermal protector, curl or volume product on hair will enhance results especially for finer hair types. A light mist of quality hair spray after creating your curls will also give extra hold and protect from humidity. However, you must make sure your hair is combed through and smooth before using Curl Secret.
  • Where can I get further styling tips, product information or advice?
    We have included product details, an illustrated step by step guide, how-to videos and tips for the Curl Secret here at, including a very detailed step by step instructional video guide. However, if you still have questions or need advice and would like to speak to us about any VS SASSOON products or VS Curl Secret, please contact customer service at

    The Curl Secret Styler has a 2 year warranty – enquires about this can also be sent to

Click to download a free step by step guide.

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Discover a faster and easier way to curl hair with the best hair curler and hair waving tool
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Curl Styles

Achieve multiple Curl styles with just one styling tool!
Watch this video of the Curl Secret being trialled by first time users

Hair types

The Curl Secret is suitable for use on Medium to VERY long hair and features 2 heat settings allowing you to adjust the temperature to best suit your hair.
Use Curl Secret on multi-textured hair to even out the curls with no need to straighten first.
Create celebrity style waves and curls on long fine hair with various curl types from mid-lengths to ends.
Achieve long lasting salon style results even on heavy hair that tends to drop!
Add shine to dull flat hair. The Curl Secret is so simple to use you don’t even need a mirror!
Styling thick, coarse hair and curling the back becomes easy and effortless with the Curl Secret.

Video Reviews

Watch trial team members test the Curl Secret at home.

BeautyHeaven member GoddessMagick

Oct 14, 2013 11:32am

Fun, Fast, Functional Curls!

All my hair styling dreams have come true! I’ve tried countless hairstyling tools to create different varieties of curls and have never been happy with the results. Usually I find the curls unformed, not holding and in my worst experience of all I even burnt my forehead! Yep, I’m quite the non-hairstylist by nature. Now thanks to VS Sassoon… I’m an expert! Love, the VS Sassoon Curl Secret. From first use I was in awe of how easy is it is to use and create amazing curls. Each and every time I use it my curls look flawless leaving me looking and feeling great.

The Curl Secret (which definitely won’t be a secret for long once every sees how easy and great it is to use!) is superb. It looks unusual when compared to a barrel curler or hair straightener but is so clever in its design. First I select a timer and heat setting (8 seconds for loose waves or 12 seconds for tighter curls, my fave!) 10 seconds is great for medium curls with a heat setting of I or II depending on hair type (e.g fine or thick). Turn it on, select your settings and once the indicator light has finished blinking its ready to use.

I find that my best results have been when using the Curl Secret on clean hair. I spray some heat protection on (EVO’s Icon Welder is a great heat protector and my choice at the moment.)

Using the Curl Secret is simple. I just section my hair depending on what style I want to create and place ½ to 1 inch straight and taut sections of hair across the styler’s moulded chamber while facing the chamber towards my head. A gentle closing on the handle of the styler clamps onto the hair section which automatically moves the hair into the curl chamber. A few beeps let you know its curling the hair and then 4 fast beeps let you know its time to release the hold on the handle. This opens the styler and when pulled away from the head a perfect curl (or wave) gently appears like magic. There’s no fancy hand flicks or tricks just pop the hair in, hold, release and gorgeous curl comes out! Best of all you can curl form the crown of the head or start lower down the hair section if you only want a half head or lower section of curls and waves. I found the curls and waves don’t drop or loose shape unless I intentionally brush them out or intentionally pull them into different looks for fun. Pure genius.

It’s near impossible to get curls wrong because if you place too much hair in the styler it beeps to let you know and the hair won’t automatically be taken through in which case I just section the hair slightly less and go again. It’s truly amazing and foolproof for hair style novices like me!

The Curl Secret comes with a great heat-proof mat that it can be rested on while styling hair, a clever tool to help clean it after use and remove any product residue or build-up and a handy pouch to store it in. I recently travelled interstate for a wedding and brought the Curl Secret with me in this pouch, Its that amazing! My super long hair curls amazingly each time I use this and I love that when I do tighter curls, the day after they still visible if I have used products to protect and hold them and the next day can brushed to look like soft beachy waves. Thank you VS Sassoon for such a clever curling styling tool, I never thought I would be able to create curls myself that look great and last but this tool has given me that ability and even better results than what I have had in the past when hair stylists have attempted to curl my hair.

It takes a lot for me to adore hair styling tools because most of them are tricky for me to use on long hair and see results but the Curl Secret checks all the boxes and is my fave! This is a must have for anyone that loves curls, it’s fast and easy to use with minimal fuss and the amount of compliments I have received when out and about with my curls is testament to the fact that this creates gorgeous curls, spirals, waves and all curls in between. Definitely boosts my hairs appearance by adding voluminous curls and my confidence because I know I can now create curls that last and make me feel happy!

BeautyHeaven member Softness

Sep 19, 2013 11:32am

Unique, Fast, Fabulous & Fun!

This is different to any other curling tool I've ever used and it was super exciting to use! No need to know how to curl and twist your wrist because this does all the work for you. No professionals or experience needed but some simple tips I can give are:

  1. Use small amounts of hair - too much hair and it won't retract the hair.
  2. Use only very detangled and well-brushed hair. One tangle it will tell you by stopping the retraction of the hair into the machine.
  3. Use a low heat and time setting to start with and build up from there depending on your personal hair type and required curl tightness/looseness.
  4. Fully open and release the hair compartment to keep full curl shape (otherwise it will undo the curl as you pull it back out).

Once I got going with this I felt like I won't be looking back! It's so fast to do a whole head of curls and even on my long hair it took only 10-15 minutes to do my whole head properly.

I loved the 8 setting on the lowest heat setting for loose beachy waves on me. Even using this lowest setting gave me wavey curls that lasted all day and then were again the next day but a bit looser - still with lots of body though which was fantastic! My curls only completely disappeared when I washed my hair. I have very stubbornly straight hair so if it works on me and holds the curl it will work on anyone!

Once the hair is 'sucked' into the curling compartment, the Curl Secret will beep slowly but when it's finished curling that strand it will beep fast four times to let you know to release the hair.

I made a few little mistakes getting to know this new hair tool but once I got going and became familiar with it and how to use it properly I found it wonderful and excellent to do my hair. It only took two uses before I was very familiar with it.

I loved making a variation of types of curls by using the different heat settings. This is an awesome hair tool for someone who is serious (like me) about wanting curls in their hair!

(My 13 year old was looking forward to me getting this and when it arrived she disappeared with it and then re-appeared with a head full of bouncy curls! She normally has dead straight hair too! Mind you, she did get is stuck a few times because she was so impatient to start using it and put a bit too much hair in a couple of times until she learnt that less is best!)

BeautyHeaven member Candyfairy

Sep 20, 2013 10:18am

Creates Defined Lasting Curls!

Thank you so much Beauty Heaven and VS Sassoon for including me in this amazing new and exciting trial of this fabulous new and interesting product! :)

I have never seen or used a curling tool like this. The design is so different and unique, but works so incredibly well at creating strong, defined and lasting curls in three different styles!

You can create soft, medium or loose curls depending on the setting you prefer and also gives you two heating levels to cater for finer or more thick, course hair. I personally love the heat to be the hotter the better as I find my hair harder to tame. It is long, thick and prone to be frizzy and just generally difficult to manage but I found it so easy using this tool!

Even using the Curl Secret without any product (apart from a heat protectant) to help the curls stay, the curls didn't even need a spritz of hair spray, they actually stayed in and barely drooped all day!!!! I wish I had had this to use on my wedding day! I used rollers that day and they only lasted about an hour. :(

I highly recommend reading the instructions provided before you begin as my first initial impression when I opened the box to examine the tool, was wow, this looks complicated! But once you know how to use it, it is so simple and quick to get amazing curls! :)

It even comes with a small cleaning tool that keeps the inside of the roller dust and product free. The small pads attached to it are even easily removable to be washed and re-used easily.

I love the overall actual design of the Curl Secret, as unlike a regular curling wand, the heating rod is completely tucked away so it is pretty much impossible to burn yourself!

Also comes with a dust/travel draw string storage bag to keep your wand in. Very handy to use when travelling or just to help keep it looking good as new when stored away safely.

Overall, I am giving this product a 5/5 star rating as I have absolutely loved using it and the results have really surprised me. I am very impressed and I highly recommend this product. :)

BeautyHeaven member Shazam

Sep 23, 2013 11:58am

Incredible styler = perfect curls!

Thank you so much to bh and VS Sassoon for this amazing trial!!

It is incredible to use a styler that does all the work for you!!

I usually curl my hair with my ghd, but after 5 minutes, I have a sore arm, and it takes a few times to get the curl perfect. But, with the Curl Secret, every strand is curled quickly and perfectly!

When I first tried the tool, my hair did get caught a few times in the barrel, but after a few tries, it was a success!

I do suggest making sure hair is brushed well and tangle free and only small sections of hair are placed in the barrel. Otherwise, the tool will keep choking up! The instructions are fantastic, so take the time to read them, so you know exactly what to do.

The heat and time settings are genius and give me complete control over the type of curl I'm after.

Usually it takes me 15-20 mins to curl my hair with a ghd, however it does a little longer with the curl secret. In saying that, the process is a lot easier and I get better results! :)

Really happy with the Curl Secret. Impressed with the results and ecstatic that I was one of the lucky few to be part of the bh VTT :)

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